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    Gina Bacconi – 7089

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    Tiffanys – Adele

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    Tiffanys – Alesha

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    Tiffanys – Alice

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    Tiffanys – Connie

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    Tiffanys – Helen

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    Tiffanys – Laura

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    Tiffanys – Libby

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    Tiffanys – Nicola

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    Tiffanys – Olivia

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    Tiffanys – Pamela

Here at After Dark we aim to ensure that you are the star on your wedding day. We have a range of beautiful bride and bridesmaid dresses all available for you to try on. Our dresses are available in sizes 0 to 30 and come in a range of styles, to ensure the bridal party stands out from the crowd enabling the bride to be a princess for her special day.

If you are not wanting a traditional wedding dress, we have a extensive range of evening dresses suitable for weddings and a selection of lightweight dresses perfect for weddings aboard.

With prices starting from £99 for wedding dresses. We have about 30 wedding dresses in stock which is a large range of designs and sizes and short delivery on orders, we can make your day special even if at the last minute. All wedding dresses are currently in a clearance sale. Size 2 to 14 available only.

Warning: Recently the media has highlighted a growing trend of websites and auction sites offering cheap designer bridal wear, which when received, if they send anything at all, is not as ordered. Read our guide on scam websites and what you can do to avoid falling into their trap Read More…

Shown here is a small selection of the bridal wear we have available for you to view at our Cleckheaton store.

Click on an image for more information