Beware of On-line Prom and Wedding Dress Scams

Here at After Dark we are proud in the knowledge that the outfits that we supply for your prom, party or wedding is of a high standard and comes from reputable designers. However, there are a number of websites out there that are aimed purely at taking your money and supplying shoddy copies of other designers outfits if they supply anything at all.

Recently there have been a number of stories in the media that have highlighted a growing trend in the supply of prom and wedding dresses coming from abroad, where the outfits have been nothing like the images they where showing on their websites. Too often these websites have stolen the images from other designers websites to trick the shopper into thinking that this is what they will be receiving. However, if you are lucky to actually receive the outfit then it is often of very poor quality, not matching up to the image, wrong size even different colours. You also find with these scams that there is nobody to complain to when you find there is something wrong with your order. They may have been very forthcoming when answering your emails before you receive your order, but once it is supplied, you find that suddenly the email address is no longer working or you just do not get any replies. You will also find there is no postal address listed on website or if there is it isn’t a valid address. One story in the media even found that an address listed on one of these dodgy sites was in fact a police station.

We here at After Dark have had experience of this when a customer came to us in a panic as the ivory wedding dress that she had ordered on-line had arrived not in ivory as ordered but in bright yellow. It was also obvious that the outfit was an attempt to copy the image just in a larger size, the result was a dress that was not fit for rags, with bits sewn in where they shouldn’t have been, certainly not an outfit fit for a bride to walk down the isle in. Luckily we were able to rescue her wedding day as we found a stunning outfit for her from our collection of wedding outfits enabling her to go from plain Cinderella dressed in rags to being the princess that she so deserved.

Here at After Dark we stock a range of outfits for your prom, wedding or any special occasion in a range of sizes and prices that will not break the bank. We take pride in the outfits we supply and are happy knowing that we have provided you with the opportunity to shine at your special occasion. So come along and check out our range of over 500 outfits we have in stock, and also the ones we are able to order on a quick turn-around from our suppliers. We only use quality suppliers to ensure that you will be happy with the outfit when it comes, so isn’t it worth sometimes paying that little bit extra knowing that what you are ordering is what you will receive from us. You are always welcome to come along during our opening hours and look through our range of outfits to find that special one for your special night, we even keep a register of local schools and colleges proms to ensure we do not supply duplicates to the same prom wherever possible.

So how can I protect myself from being conned?

When looking around for a reputable dealer ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do they list their contact details on the website?
    Always check they have listed the companies name, address, phone numbers, etc. The more information provided the easier it is to check if they are a valid company. Use the web to check if the address is valid, mapping websites such as Google Maps allow you to look up the address. If the company has listed their phone numbers then why not ring them and ask for more details about the company. Another way of finding reputable dealers is to check the websites for the designers of prom and wedding dresses. Most designers now have websites that show off their current collections, and often include a directory, listing the outlets which stock their designs.
  2. Is the price too good to be true?
    In the current financial climate we are all looking for bargains, but we all need to take care when making any purchases especially if the price looks too good. Check around other websites and shops and see if the price the website is offering the outfit for is considerably lower then be very wary. If a price is considerably lower than the same or similar outfits are available elsewhere, then take care unless you know the company or have friends who can recommend them.